New Jersey Nerve Damage Lawyers

In our legal practice, we understand that every case is unique. This also applies to serious injury cases. Many of our clients have turned to us for legal representation in difficult times, and we have been able to tune in and meet the specific needs of our clients. If you were recently in an accident resulting in a brain or spinal cord injury, we can help. Don't continue to worry about your job and income as a result of this injury.

New Jersey Nerve Damage and Paraplegia Attorneys

We are able to collaborate with experts in insurance litigation, as well as vocational and economic experts that will benefit your case. Our experts will specify and evaluate the needs for meeting your future and present medical costs, as well as home modifications. We will listen and adjust to your needs as our client, and meet them in the best way possible. If you are seeking legal representation as a result of a serious injury, contact us today.

Meeting the Needs of Your Specific Situation

At the law office of Slavitt & Cowen, we handle numerous serious injury cases per year and find that these cases typically involve several aspects that require attention and direction. We understand that a brain or spinal cord injury can require legal litigation regarding insurance coverage, and that the aftershocks of a severe physical injury can effect our client's personal relationships as well. Somewhere along the line, a psychological problem can sneak into the relationship, causing additional problems.

As your attorney, we can help resolve your situation by using professional psychologist services as an added resolution for your case. The psychologist or psychiatrist will continue to participate in your case until there is clear improvement. If you need professional psychological help resulting from a serious injury, please don't wait any longer. Contact us online, or call us toll free today at 866-472-2519.