Extensive Experience Resolving Insurance Claims Disputes

Insurance company disputes have been an ongoing, nationwide issue for the past 20 years. An injured individual's insurance claim has, over time, changed appearance in comparison to the amount of the claim that the insurance company actually pays to the end user. This problematic situation has caused severe ongoing health and financial stress in many people's lives.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the insurance companies often work with their own team of experts and attorneys to prevent as much as possible from being paid out to the claimant — if any at all. Dealing with insurance companies can be a complex and frustrating experience for the claimant.

New Jersey Bad Faith Claims Lawyers, Personal Injury

At the law firm of Slavitt & Cowen, we have handled numerous insurance litigation cases. With our in-depth experience and understanding of the legal system and its application to insurance claims, we can help you obtain as much of your claim as possible.

We will negotiate with your insurance company, meeting the reasonable expectations of both parties in terms of required coverage. If you feel misled about the interpretation of your insurance provider's policies, and are considering filing for a personal injury action, let us represent you. We will present your case to your insurance company and ensure that you receive as much coverage as possible for your claim.

Our Newark insurance litigation attorneys have handled cases such as:

• Personal injury actions
• Auto accidents
• Life insurance
• Disability insurance
• Workplace accidents
• Wrongful death

If you are suffering from a personal injury and need legal aid to file your action against your insurance company, contact us today. Call us at 973-622-6418 or contact us online.