Over 80 Years of Service to Clients Throughout New Jersey

With our firm running since 1927, we have over 80 years experience in the legal field. We are a boutique law firm with an emphasis on individual clients. We pride ourselves on securing the results our clients desire, concentrating on their individual needs. Our consistency and longevity in the community has proved to be immensely important to our clients.

We treat our clients like friends — with respect and interest. We are realistic with our clients, and always strive to achieve the best result in the shortest time.

Slavitt & Cowen P.A.: Personal Injury, Family Law, Real Estate and More

We frequently collaborate with other lawyers throughout the communities and counties we serve. These professional relationships are known and respected for their longevity and abilities. Many clients come to us for legal aid and representation regarding a personal injury case. As attorneys we work to ensure that our personal injury clients receive the maximum amount of compensation possible, reflecting the degree of disability or injury that their case amounts to.

As attorneys also handling cases in real estate, we have been employed by almost all of the title companies throughout the years. We handle title problems, real estate defense matters and general title issues. We frequently handle cases involving boundaries, missed interests in conveyances, and open mortgages.

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