Efficiently Resolving Construction Disputes

As an experienced law firm, our lawyers have seen both sides of the coin when it comes to construction litigation. If you are a contractor whose contract has been breached by a client, we are here to help you resolve the dispute in a cost-efficient method that will help you sustain as much of your business as possible. If you are a homeowner and have experienced a breach in the contract with a contractor, we are able to represent you.

New Jersey Lien Claims Lawyers

If you hired a contractor to perform a specific service but the contractor didn't perform or complete the task adequately — or if there is an issue with bad design — we can help you protect yourself and your home from further financial losses.

If you experienced issues such as improper construction, negligent design or failure to follow code, we can help you correct the situation by filing the necessary paperwork to prevent additional loss. Improperly filed liens can result in damages to the filer; therefore we strongly encourage you to seek proper legal help. Contact us today at 973-622-6418 for more information about filing for construction litigation.

Breach of Contract

If you are a contractor hired to perform a specific job for a client but experienced a breach in the contract, or perhaps your client is asking you to do more work than was initially agreed, you can turn to us for legal protection of your assets. As an experienced law firm, our lawyers have helped numerous clients file construction lien claims. We are dedicated to protecting the integrity of your business.

Filing for construction litigation can be a complicated and tricky process. If it is not done correctly, it can become more costly than necessary. If you are seeking legal representation due to an issue with one of your clients, contact the Newark construction litigation attorneys at Slavitt & Cowen online, or call us at 973-622-6418.