New Jersey Partnership Agreement Attorneys

As a legal firm, our lawyersunderstand the importance of the correct vehicle for your business. Whether you are interested in starting a limited liability company (sometimes referred to as an L.L.C.), a C corporation or an S corporation (sometimes referred to as sole proprietorships), we are able to provide you with the information and advice necessary to run your business.

If you have questions about the different levels of liability involved with each business formation, we can inform and advise you. After deciding what kind of business structure works the best for you, our goal is to stay with your business and help with the long-term life of your business legal needs.

New Jersey Partnership Agreement Lawyers, Personal Liability

We provide experienced legal advice and representation in a wide range of cases including:
• Limited liability companies
• C corporations
• S corporations
• Stock holder agreements
• Partnerships agreements

If you are questioning whether you should operate your business singly or as an L.L.C. out of a tax or liability aspect, call us today. As sole proprietor of a business, you are personally liable.

If you need more information about other models that could increase your business while decreasing your tax burden, we can provide valuable information on each topic. Call us today for more information about how an operating agreement works, or what percentages are involved in a partnership agreement.

We can help you with sufficient information. We can fully explain and present all the different benefits and aspects that make a difference in each business model, in a language you can understand. Contact us online, or call us today at 973-622-6418.